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 Reviewing - Guidelines

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Administrating Team
Administrating Team

Reviewing - Guidelines  Empty
PostSubject: Reviewing - Guidelines    Reviewing - Guidelines  I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 28, 2010 2:55 pm

Thankyou for Requesting a Review.

Now, here, you can choose from Four diffrent Types of Reviews. A Quick, A One Section, a Two section or a Full Review.

QuickReviewing - Guidelines  Moz-screenshot-1:)

The reviewer will write a Five (5) to Ten (10) sentance paragraph on your site and it's looks, ect. But, they will also include on what you can improve on and what they like about your Website or Forum.

Cost:10 Credits

One Section:)

The reviewer will review one section of your choice (The first impressions, Graphics, Layout, Activity, Groups.) This review will be one paragraph long.

Cost: 15 Credits.

Two Section:)

Reviewer will review two sections of your choice,(
The first impressions, Graphics, Layout, Activity, Groups.) This review will be two paragraphs long.

Cost: 20 Credits

Full Review:)

Reviewer will review your whole forum,
(The first impressions, Graphics, Layout, Activity, Group.) this review will be five (5) paragraphs long, one (1) for each section.

Cost: 45 Credits.

If, you're going to request a review, of one of those types, please use these guidelines. (Please delete the blue bits)


[b][color=red]Website Name: [/color] [/b][color=blue](Put Your Websites name here.)[/color]
[b][color=red]Website Url: [/color][/b][color=red][color=blue](Put your websites link here.) [/color]
[color=red][b]Review Type: [/b][/color][color=blue](Put the type of review you want here.)[/color]
[b]Extra Information: [/color][/b][color=blue](Any extra information you want to share here.)[/color]
[color=red][b]Review Acount: [/color][/b][color=blue](If your forum has a Reviewer account, please post it here.)[/color]

Reviewing - Guidelines  Moz-screenshot
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Reviewing - Guidelines
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