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 Signature Ads - Guidelines

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Administrating Team
Administrating Team

Signature Ads - Guidelines  Empty
PostSubject: Signature Ads - Guidelines    Signature Ads - Guidelines  I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 12:14 pm

Thankyou for requesting a Signature Ad. ;)

What's a Signature ad?

It's where the link to your website is placed in the signature of one of our Support or Administrator Team. It can be colorful, bold, italic, or a bigger size than normal. The more posts the member of staff has, the more traffic, you'll most likely get. Each signature ad is up for a week.

Cost: 10

Cost: 10


Cost: 10

Bigger Size:)
Cost: 20

Guidelines: (Please delete the Blue bits.)


[b][Color=Red]Website Name:[/b] [/Color][Color=Blue](Please put your website's name here.)[/Color]
[b][color=red]Website Url:[/color][color=blue]  [/b](Please put your website's link here.)[/color]
[b][color=red]Type: [/color][color=Blue][/b](Please choose from one of the four types)[/color]

Website Name: (Please put your website's name here.)
Website Url: (Please put your website's link here.)
Type: (Please choose from one of the four types)

Thankyou, Crow.
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Signature Ads - Guidelines
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